Capture That Form - Streamline your workflow

Most schools and institutions will have some form of online data capture tool for example a form to gather data on a potential student wishing to apply or a Homestay applying to host students.

Most also have a great looking website with nice interactive content.

So with a good user experience the chances of getting potentials interested is increased.

The problem is the disconnect between the front facing client experience and the back office systems.

Our research shows that most schools (including some of the larger groups using ancient server-based products) procedures are:

  1. Receive an email with the form data.
  2. Manually process the content into a system or spreadsheet.
  3. Manually respond by email

With no procedure in place to automate and store this in a management system.

This not only allows for human error when transferring data, it makes for repetitive work. Furthermore response to the initiator of the form data is also manual - which may not be uniform.

Our recommended solution to this is to seamlessly integrate all form data capture directly into a management system; responses - via SMS, email, social media post - can be triggered by criteria set by the school.

For example if a form is only 90% complete an automated message can be sent asking for more information. If all the criteria are met a relevant message is sent. Furthermore online content such as exams or school work can be integrated to capture results and assign to an authenticated user (student record). A student using an e-learning platform can complete the work, their results automatically stored against their record.

Key Points