EdTech Australia Roadshow 11th - 26th July 2018

Intrinsiq’s Mark Milford and Sudesh Prasad were pleased to attend, in conjunction with Nexpay and Me Student. The 2017 EdTech Roadshow visited six cities across Australia: Adelaide, Melbourne,Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

This was a great opportunity to talk directly with decision makers from schools, universities and vocational colleges as well as other education service providers.

This year’s theme was about tech innovation within the international education sector and how that could assist with all aspects of school management and reporting; and where we as providers saw recurring problems within our client's’ workflow.

Mark’s focus was an overview of what he experienced with schools and providers in the UK, Australia and Japan. His talk was a series of short anecdotes highlighting recurring issues in his experience:

  • Clients using their software ineffectively - if at all
  • Clients not knowing what was out there that could help them
  • Clients thinking they had their needs covered - but not identifying needs
  • This was particularly highlighted during the Q and A hosted by Brett Blacker CEO of English Australia after each talk.

    There were comments about the lack of cross departmental communication in some instances, difficulties with change management as opposed to any tech challenges and in some cases simply not knowing what was available. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as many comments centered around integration, non siloed working in multi centre environments, and the need to move to app based cloud solutions. Many questions were fielded by the panel on the need for better and more precise financial data management and reporting as well as making the student journey as seamless as possible in an increasingly competitive market.

    Intrinsiq is already looking forward to suggestions for the 2018 roadshow which we will take to the organisers. This has been a valuable series of events that has allowed both suppliers and industry providers to share ideas and hopefully bridge any gaps in a targeted way. As always we love to hear from all international providers across the board to improve our service and stay at the cutting edge.

    We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 events!

    Some action shots at the various events: