Multi Centre should be Happy Centres :: Unifying and Collaborating

International schools that have grown to incorporate more than one centre, particularly in recent years as the competitive landscape has required consolidate. In addition collaboration in pathway or foundation courses with partner university and colleges are facing similar challenges to keep the workflow simple and avoid repetitive input of student data. In additional sharing crucial data that is up to date is an advantage as the offering becomes more complex.

Many systems’ inability to link users a cloud based collaborative platform that updates in live time slows down many schools we have spoken to at recent international events. With remote users and travelling colleagues, an easily accessible application, customised to the user, is key to managing data and turning that into data intelligence. Remote sales teams can input data that is actioned in a few minutes, rather than waiting to “upload to the server at HQ”.

Additionally with cloud based solutions physically separated teams can also have custom portals - drawing on the data and presented in a way that is relevant to the user: e.g. an agency, sales team, accommodation team.

Security groups also add a layer of management allowing only the relevant data to be shown to the specific user, centre or centres. Couple this with tailored reporting and a cloud based unified multi centre management system is the ideal way to manage a multi-centre school.

Key requirements for Multi Centre Schools