Realtime Attendance Tracking - Why it Matters

As visa regulations continue to tighten in countries throughout the English speaking world, it is becoming more important that schools can collect real time attendance information on students. In some cases, printed sheets with the student’s signature are required for eventual auditing and compliance. In most cases this process is still cutting into teaching time as well as taking up administrative resources.

Attendance tracking requires a careful balance of enabling teachers to easily provide attendance information in as close to real-time as possible as well as ensuring the data is accurate.

One solution is to make use of the super computers that everyone carries in their hand: their mobile smart phones. Intrinsiq have implemented mobile portals for customers which enable class registration by teachers using their smartphones, a sample interface is shown here.

This style of interface not only provides the administration team with real-time attendance information, it also gives the team updates on their students’ attendance while taking the class roll, and discuss any attendance issues with students during class. Information entered here is updated in live time to the administrative portal.

As important as real time is reliability of attendance calculations. Some popular school management systems cut corners by only storing absences within the software, however actively enforcing teachers to choose Absent or Present (or other statuses such as Late or Sick if configured) provides administration departments, as well as immigration authorities with the confidence that the teacher checked each person on the list.

Academic dashboards can provide detail on incomplete registers within a few minutes of the class ending, and can automatically alert teachers and administrators via SMS or email of gaps or other issues needing attention.

There are real time biometric scanners and solutions, however these typically require extra hardware and a separate system to be managed. By using powerful software on devices that are already in the work space Intrinsiq can help streamline this process.