FELTOM 2017 - Highlights from the FELTOM Workshop in Malta

Sudesh Prasad, of Intrinsiq’s UK office, attended the FELTOM event from the 13th -16th March. This brief report provides both industry and company updates from the event. This was the first time attending for Intrinsiq; we look forward to working with EFL and international education in Malta. We were made to feel very welcome and the visit to the aquarium was a nice touch.


Genevieve Abela presented a comprehensive overview with Q and A before the workshop - a few points that we picked up on and note below.


qalen: the Quality Assurance in Language Education Network. It was formed as a result of meetings and consultations held between Quality Assurance and Accreditation agencies of the English and Other Languages Teaching Sector formally in London in 2011 and in Sydney in 2014. It is a group of accreditation agencies that have national jurisdiction.

Visa Services offered by FELTOM

Unique (we believe) to Malta are the visa services offered to students to facilitate correct documentation and a hassle free experience.  FELTOM and the relevant school work together on behalf of students requiring visa services.

Student Breakdown

Interesting to learn of the breakdown, as shown, that adults make up the majority of the uptake of the FELTOM schools’ offering. Over half of the student numbers are adult learners.


Alongside meeting with the attending schools, Sudesh met Sue Falzon of the ELT Council and found out more about the Council and their work to promote best practice and continual CPD for teachers.

Andrew Harrison of Trinity College also had valuable insights into the ELT sector and the role of CPD in the teaching sector as well as the need for more integration of online learning platforms to deliver better reporting.

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