ICEF Anza 2017 - Highlights from Cairns, Queensland.

Intrinsiq’s Mark Milford and Sudesh Prasad were in attendance and have the following recap from selected seminars.

Overall we were encouraged to hear of the commitment to and uptake among providers to embrace the EduTech available. Many of the institutions we spoke with - both AU and NZ are keenly aware of the need to engage with their potential students as well as agents via online channels. The shift has clearly been noticed from simply using databases in a static way and the current and future need for data intelligence.


Christchurch Case

After the devastating earthquake of 2012 the city has risen from the debris with and is now one of the most tech savvy and forward looking cities on the planet.

Bree Loverich of Chirstchurch Educated gave a great overview of the relation this has with the vibrant international education sector. Christchurch is certainly leading the way with an increase in the international student numbers.

Take notice world, New Zealand is showing how a city and country can rebound and look forward after adversity. The image shows some impressive stats!


Brett Blacker from English Australia showed some impressive growth stats for the Elicos,VET and Higher Education sector. With steady rising numbers across the board, Australia is gaining international students in all sectors.


Was interesting to have the opportunity to meet with a number of schools from New Zealand and Australia, and discover the difficulties with current software around Accommodation Allocation. We are looking forward to helping a number of schools with more of their management needs.