Turn your frown into a smile with Intrinsiq

Turn your frown into a smile with Intrinsiq

At Intrinsiq, we are proud to launch our second clip from a series of videos produced by ICEF Media, focusing on various aspects of our service, mainly highlighting how schools can benefit from using our software. In this video the spotlight is on Classroom Management.

When it comes to classroom management, the main users are the teachers and staff, and in some cases, students. In this video we  take you through the main challenges faced by these users and offer you simple solutions to make the day-to-day running of your school much more efficient.

Problems faced by teachers, DOS, Course Coordinators etc.

When it comes to teachers using classroom management software, the main problems that they face are:

  • classroom allocation due to various levels and multiple students

  • keeping track of teachers’ days off and correlating that with class allocation

  • sending classroom information to students, especially when the school is closed during the weekend or public holidays

  • student attendance

Problems faced by students

The main problems that students face when there is not an efficient system in place are the following:

  • confusion in relation to which class they have to go to

  • lesson times

  • weekly schedules

If you can relate to any of the issues above, worry no more! Intrinsiq  can help you turn these frowns into smiles in the following ways:

  1. We can help you track  student holidays, especially in the case of those who require visas.

  2. We can help you allocate teachers according to availability and English level

  3. We can help you reduce the time that students spend in the register office or at reception getting class information.

  4. We can help you remove the need for a paper trail for attendance

There’s even more good news! You can currently benefit from a limited time offer where you can switch to using the standard version of our software for FREE. Would you like more info on this? Send us an email at idsupport@intrinsiq.net.

Interview with Schools And Agents

Who is Intrinsiq for? And how can I benefit from it?

Over the past weeks we’ve been bringing you a series of articles about a household name in international education, Intrinsiq. In today’s interview with Sudesh Prasad, Director at Intrinsiq, we will focus on giving answers to some of the questions that education providers ask on a regular basis.

Q: What does Intrinsiq offer?

A: Simply put, we offer a software solution to education providers which makes the day to day running of their schools more efficient and effective. Delving deeper, we can say that we offer consulting and a cloud-based platform to  manage all aspects of schools and institutions in the international education sector.

However, that is only part of our offering. We also provide a bespoke service to analyse and assist with workflows so as to get the best solution in place. Our experience in the sector allows us to make recommendations that can increase efficiency and client-facing interactions due to the integrated nature of our system.

How are you different from other service providers in our industry?

A few, very important, factors differentiate our offering:

  • we are truly a distributed cloud-based platform. This means that our hosted systems are spread across many servers that provide robust backup - if a server fails, the system will seamlessly switch to another with no downtime for the end user - and the data is safe at all times. Plus this makes it easily available...everywhere in the world.

  • our platform is fully customisable

  • it is built on our proprietary framework - not third party software

  • it integrates with most other cloud-based applications, be it accounts, booking, payment tools as well as many other apps.

  • NO per-user or per-student costs

  • no infrastructure hardware required

  • available on tablet and pc

  • it is constantly backed up on an automated schedule

The points highlighted above, and also the ability to make custom changes and integrate payments, portals and other apps in a short period of time allow us to deliver truly bespoke service.

Why should our schools come to you?

We understand the international education sector and work exclusively for schools, guardianships and summer programs. We can help identify where workflow can be streamlined. We also provide a complete service. Some other products will do 80% of what is needed, we can provide a 100% solution. We can also work on a phased basis - so we can add on to the functionality with little disruption to the existing systems in place.

We have clients all around the world, which gives us a truly global reach and expertise.

Many seem to associate ‘Intrinsiq’ with an expensive product. How true is this?

The initial cost of development is always the most expensive part of the process, however, once launched, this cost is recouped over a period of time in terms of reduced repetitive data management, savings in staff time and, most importantly, it is scalable for the client with no extra cost as the number of students and or users grows.

The ability to integrate, for example,  with web-based payment platforms or application forms reduces response time to clients, and avoids mistakes that may arise from double data entry. For example if a student portal captures data directly, there is no need to transcribe information from an insecure email.

Once you let computers do the repetitive and mundane work, staff can concentrate on client and student satisfaction.

Many of our readers are already using another classroom management system. How difficult and expensive will it be for them to switch to you?

If we have access to the existing system,  we can easily migrate the data from systems, spreadsheets or even PDFs. We never suggest a full replacement if there are aspects of your existing system that we can add value to, or in some way integrate. Currently we are offering our base system free for up to 9 months for qualified schools. We want to show the power of IQ and this offer makes it easy for schools to come on board. Through this offer we will also migrate the existing data free of charge as part of the deal.

Where can they contact you for further info?

Email: idsupport@intrinsiq.net   

Twitter: @intrinsiqit

Website: http://intrinsiq.net

Phone: +44 (0) 1223 790 064   

We'd love to hear from any international schools or other international education providers to find out more about them and what they do.

Intrinsiq - A step by step guide through the client process

In our previous posts we often spoke about the importance of smooth communicationbetween provider and client, not just at the beginning, but throughout the whole process - from when the client engages with the provider, right until the moment of launch; and even post-launch. That way client satisfaction is ensured, and any improvements or modifications that might be needed are openly discussed, potentially avoiding future issues. At Intrinsiq, we are firm believers in this, and today we would like to share with you a step by step guide of what we will do once you decide to work with us.

Step 1 - Consult

The first step is to identify the goals and needs of the project. This is ideally done on site, however, due to the global nature of our business it may need to be done  remotely. Either way, we will gain a full understanding of your needs and requirements before moving forward. At this stage we will try to gather and analyse as much information as possible, in order to start preparing for stage two. It is important to meet all the stakeholders and define the client departments. This may involve multiple meetings.

Step 2 - Specification

Using the data collected from the consultation phase we write a detailed specification for the client, as well as for our use. The document will be clear to both the client as well as the relevant development team. The document will be sent to the client for sign-off before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3 - Contract

The specification document is sent to the client for approval and feedback. Once this is approved, a Work Statement outlining what we will build, when we will build it, as well as the agreed price and payment plan is produced by us and sent to the client. Once the client approves and signs, the work will start. We will also provide delivery dates for milestones achieved in line with stage payments.

Step 4 - Build

A senior developer will be assigned to the client’s system build. One or more developers will assist with internal building and testing. The build/coding procedure will meet or exceed milestone dates as per Work Statement. 

Step 5 - Test

Testing on completed modules will be done by our internal team. The client will also have access to a test version of the test sites. That way there will be an opportunity for feedback and the client will also be able to request minor changes as necessary. Relevant training is also provided by our team to the client at this stage.

Step 6 - Roll Out

Due to the bespoke nature of our software, a “soft launch” is preferable to allow the client and us to spot and resolve any remaining  issues, provide training and generally communicate with the client to ensure both our and their expectations are met, or exceeded. A final “sign off” is the aim of this phase which completes the development process and moves to the next phase.

Step 7 - Host and Maintain

The client’s system is now live. Clients are encouraged to get in touch with us through our ticketing system for any maintenance they might need.

Step 8 - Care

This is the most important word for us. We want you to be happy and we take pride in happy clients because to us that means that we are doing our job well. It is our job to keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded. We do this by scheduling in a quarterly call or email to advise of new features or improvements - features which we feel would benefit our clients. Regular communication will keep the client up to date as well as allow us to ensure we are listening to them. 

We see this as a collaboration with our clients for the long term rather than merely the sale of a product.


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Turn that Frown Upside Down

The case study that we are going to look at in this post refers to Manchester Central School of English (MCSE), a school that had previously been using a different Management system. Unfortunately the original software failed miserably in helping this school be more efficient and effective with school  management.

In December 2015 they turned to Intrinsiq for help...and that is when their frown turned into a smile. Here’s the case study.

As previously stated, MCSE contacted Intrinsiq in December of 2015, upon a referral from a client. It became clear after meetings and calls that they needed a system to manage the core aspects of an English Language School. After a number of initial online demo sessions, as well as clarification of the flexible, bespoke nature of the IQ system and Intrinsiq’s portfolio of services, the team arranged an on site consultation to document and analyse the school’s requirements in detail.

Some of the main issues that MCSE had been having with its previous classroom management system were related to the following areas:

- Accommodation Management

- Retrieval and Integration of Existing Data

- Agent Management and Reporting

The agreed deadline was for a launch in April 2016 based upon the consultation report which outlined MCSE’s specific requirements. With a coordinated effort, the system was rolled out on time and within budget.  

The launch was on schedule and the system was available for use with the recovered data so staff saw familiar names and information. Intrinsiq provided on line demo sessions to familiarise the MCSE team, supported with additional phone support as well as our support ticket system.

Post Launch

Since the launch, Intrinsiq has provided support, including making minor amendments requested post launch. The MCSE team are able to work more efficiently and deal with the ever changing EFL environment with greater confidence. Discussions for further developments including incorporating online forms and staff holiday reporting are ongoing. Intrinsiq will also be working with the school’s IT department so as to integrate a swipe card system to track and report on staff attendance, among discussions for other improvements going forwards.

Speaking of their experience with Intrinsiq, Imad Ahmed, Operations Director at MCSE said that, “Intrinsiq listens to our needs, and the result is a system that really helps our school!”

For further info on how Intrinsiq can help you, check out this video, and drop the team at Intrinsiq a line on idsupport@intrinsiq.net

Software and Engagement - How can both exist in harmony?

When it comes to integrating software into the day-to-day running of your school, you need to make sure that the service provider you are using can and will provide you with the necessary support so that you learn how best to use this piece of technology to make your lives easier, rather than harder. At Intrinsiq, we pay particular attention to this because we don’t just want our clients to use our software; we want them to understand it and to be happy to use it.

The Answer

So, to answer the question in the title, YES, software and engagement can exist in harmony. However, there needs to be some important ground rules for this. In today’s article we are going to take a look at how this can take place.

The importance of having a school process implemented

Firstly, the software of choice has to match or mirror the process of the school or institution, therefore, flexibility is key. If the software cannot adapt to the needs of the educator, then it is not helping, but hindering. Simple. This also means, that for starters, the work flow process of the education provider must be clear. If it is not, even the best software on the market will fail to achieve the school’s target.

Once the school’s process has been established and defined, it is vital that this is communicated clearly to the software provider. Communication channels must be clear and transparent if the right form of support is to be established. If the software provider does not understand the systems and processes at the school, then they cannot provide the necessary support. Having said that, support and customer interaction are critical to define and improve the school process (which is generally why the school is interested in the software in the first place).

Thus, well-defined software is crucial if it is to assist with management.

How can this be achieved?

At Intrinsiq, we can definitely help you with that. We integrate our system with yours through constant support and analysis of how your other system/s work/s. On top of that we are also here to receive regular feedback from you, to help you to maximise on your Intrinsiq experience. Through this mechanism you will get the best results possible and a seamless management system.

Also, through being in constant communication with the education provider, we ensure that new features are added whenever necessary for better school and end-user experience.

Intrinsiq Makes Student Management Manageable

We recently published a video about how the Intrinsiq system can help schools manage the day-to-day running of their school in a simple and efficient manner through an easily-accessible cloud-based system. And because we really believe that this  is the product for you, we are giving you the opportunity to try out our software for FREE so that you will not have to incur any  expenses until you are sure that this is what you need. In today’s article, we are going to focus on one aspect of the system, namely student management.

The problem that many Education Providers have:

The international education sector is an ever-changing sector which is constantly evolving, and that presents a challenge to educators especially when trying to stay up-to-date with management systems.

As a result, some software providers in our industry offer an off-the-shelf solution which might initially seem to cater for all the school’s needs, but which leaves out one very important detail:

You cannot offer all the schools the same software because that would be assuming that they are all the same, and we all know that they are not!

Our Solution

Why Intrinsiq? The answer is simple. When schools work with specialist providers, such as Intrinsiq, it means that they  benefit from the provider’s experience in the sector. Therefore, any questions or issues or queries that the school might have, would have probably been considered and dealt with by us already. That way, when a school comes to us, we are already a few steps ahead, and can recommend any bespoke solutions as needed.

We would like you to try out the standard version of our software for FREE, to find out for yourself how easy and efficient it is. We offer an online support  portal and regularly keep in contact with the schools  in order to give them all the help they require.

The biggest advantage when working with an industry-specific provider is that we also know what the user expects. We understand both sides of the coin - both the point of view of the school, and also the point of view of the student and the agent. Integrating portals, forms and new technology require collaboration in order to ensure a seamless experience for the end user (student/agent) and easier management for schools.

Intrinsiq is the solution!

Check out the video


Next steps

Contact us on idsupport@intrinsiq.net for further information on how you too can get on board this offer.

Intrinsiq - Software Made Simple!

Over the past year we have had many  meetings with schools that have told us about all the operational challenges they face when trying to deal with the day-to-day running of their schools.

We’ve spoken about class management, monitoring agent performance, accommodation allocation, and the possibility of having having software that is flexible enough to cater for all the needs of all the different schools - no matter how big or small, or where they are based, or how they run their Academics, Accommodation and any of their departments.

The video below, produced by ICEF Media, is the first in a series of short videos that we created in order to help you better understand our concept. In this first video we wanted to summarise what Intrinsiq is all about and to focus on how we can help you run your school, programmes or institution more effectively and more efficiently.

As you see in this video, our software makes it easy to have all the information on Academics, Accommodation, Agents, Groups, Accounts, Students at your fingertips, within seconds. And it gets even better! All this is possible without requiring any special hardware or servers, it’s all in the cloud.

What’s even more interesting is that you can try out the standard version of  Intrinsiq software for free, and again, without any particular stress or hassle. We can easily import existing data from your current software, so, you can start working with Intrinsiq more effectively and efficiently from the very beginning.

This is a limited time offer, so don’t hesitate to contact us on idsupport@intrinsiq.net in order to find out how you can get on board too!

Intrinsiq announces a special offer of its Flexible, Manageable and Simple Software Solution

Date: 3rd December, 2018

Press Contact: Sudesh Prasad

Email: sudesh@intrinsiq.net

Intrinsiq announces a special offer of  its Flexible, Manageable and Simple Software Solution.

(London, December 2018 )

Intrinsiq is proud to launch a special offer to Education Providers who are looking to upgrade to a software solution that is flexible, manageable and simple to use.

This offer consists of the following:

  • The Intrinsiq software FREE of charge for up to 10 months, for those schools who still have an ongoing contract with another software provider

  • Secure hosting of your system in the cloud

  • Uploading your existing data from your current software to Intrinsiq, to allow for a smooth transition

  • Free training throughout the free period

  • Free system support during the limited time offer

  • No user or student limits on the Intrinsiq software

  • A like-for-like system that has corresponding modules as per the current system being used. This will include modules such as: Academics, Accommodation, Agents, Groups, Accounts, Students

Some of the most interesting features of the Intrinsiq software include features that:

  • Enable class management using drag and drop

  • Easily allocate students to  right accommodation - quickly.

  • Has the flexibility to  work with groups, classes, excursions

  • Efficiently administer  Class Rolls - on mobile devices as well

  • Allows for Family Payments in 60 seconds

  • Allows for the Tracking of Agent Performance

  • Has a simple Admissions System

About Intrinsiq

Intrinsiq is a software provider that offers a bespoke software solution which is tailor-made to meet the requirements of all of its clients within the International Education industry. Intrinsiq is compliant with all data protection laws in all markets including GDPR. Intrinsiq’s cloud services are ISO 2701 compliant.

For further information about this offer contact idsupport@intrinsiq.net

For further information about Intrinsiq contact sales@intrinsiq.net