Focus : Attendance Tracking

Focus On Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking is an issue for many schools and education providers due to the following reasons:

  • Many schools are still using paper lists, hence creating storage problems and tracking problems (especially if a paper gets lost or misplaced).

  • This leads to another issue i.e. the need to enter these lists to a main database or spreadsheet so as to try to facilitate the data collection process. We all know that it is very difficult to identify particular trends from a paper. Therefore, schools who are not using an efficient crm need to do a ‘double job’ and enter the data twice - first to track attendance, and then again to analyse trends.

  • Now try thinking of the above, in the case of those schools who have multiple locations! Needless to say, this becomes even harder.

  • When using paper attendance tracking, teachers end up wasting valuable class time on attendance entry. This does not have to be the case!

  • Not having an efficient attendance tracking system also leads to another issue; school admin will have to wait until a teacher reports absenteeism or until the end of the lesson when the DoS checks out the attendance sheet to know who is onsite and who is absent.

These are just a few pain points that schools have pointed out to us over the years. But this does not have to be the case any more. In fact, Intrinsiq can pull class lists and provide mobile portals where teachers only see current and future class registers, select class and enter attendance status. This is then pushed in live time to the  main database, and automatically updated to the student record.  This allows instant viewing hence enabling school admit to know in real time  if any students are missing from school, no matter if their class is in the main building or in one of the school annexes. 

This is also available on most smartphones, which means that the school will not need to invest in any new equipment.

Check out this video on this topic!

So let’s summarize! What are the benefits of having an efficient CRM for Attendance Tracking?

  • Allows for accurate attendance numbers

  • Allows for remote locations to be entered into the main database

  • Live time reporting

  • Mobile device friendly

  • Secure

  • Reduces paper trail