Tracking Class Attendance with Intrinsiq

When it comes to class attendance tracking, schools often voice the concern that this takes a lot of time and paperwork, which results in piles upon piles of paper, numerous files that take up a lot of valuable space in offices, and a lot of unnecessary stress! Not to mention that it is not a very environmentally-friendly measure. At Intrinsiq, we have found the solution to that.

In fact, Intrinsiq can simplify this with an online mobile device or pc attendance entry by teachers or staff. This means that:

- Teachers  only see their present and upcoming class lists

- Members of staff can easily enter student attendance in mobile or pc

- Real time updates of class and student records

Our integrated approach can also be used for instant comprehensive reporting and attendance monitoring, as well as to receive attendance alerts for students who miss classes.

The biggest advantage, however, is that you will finally have NO MORE PAPER, attendance lists, making both the school, and the environment happy!

Watch this space for a new video that will be coming out shortly specifically about this topic of classroom attendance and the removal of a paper trail in your office.

There’s even more good news! You can currently benefit from a limited time offer where you can switch to using the standard version of our software for FREE. Would you like more info on this? Send us an email at and we will be in touch with you.

Turn business data into business intelligence with Intinsiq

Interpreting data is very often a laborious and time-consuming task, and frankly not a very welcome one, especially when this has to be added to a long to-do list that our friends in schools have. At Intrinsiq, we are pleased to inform you that this laborious task has just been changed to a simple “click of a button” thanks to the powerful features of the Intrinsiq platform.

Agent numbers and trends

“An agent is asking for a better commission; but do they really deserve it?”

“Am I right in believing that over the last three summers this agent has been sending us more and more students?”

“Is there a problem with the market in general, or just the agent that we are using from that specific region?”

These are all questions that school staff, especially owners and those working in Sales and Marketing Departments, have often found themselves asking. The Intrinsiq platform makes it possible to track agent performance, to compare the performance of agents, and hence, to also identify any emerging trends and patterns coming from specific agents or particular markets. All at just the click of a button!

Find out what your trends are

“Are we making the most out of our direct enquiries?”

Patterns and trends are really useful tools within companies. Schools are no different. The Intrinsiq platform helps you to interpret enquiries to help you identify whether there are any gaps in the communication process and automate and integrate your systems to maximise your return; convert more leads into sales. All at just the click of a button!

Powerful reporting should show your capacity

“Can we do more?”

“How can we avoid setbacks more efficiently?”

Sometimes, in business, when you feel that you’ve reached a comfort zone, it is good to ask yourself this question...and the probability is that it will open up new possibilities and lead to growth. The Intrinsiq platform can help you interpret such possibilities thanks to its powerful reporting and connectivity tools you can reach out to more potential students. For example you may leverage the security and speed of SMS services - over email. All at just the click of a button!


Forecasting is a tool that any school appreciates because once again it is something that not only helps to give an overview of class numbers in the future, but it also enables Sales and Marketing Departments to identify those markets that need a bigger push, or those areas that they need to target more efficiently. Having a tool that is integrated in your CRM and which enables you to do just this, is a very efficient way of helping school staff to do their forecasting even when based on seasonal or annual cycles, hence helping them to also allocate their marketing budgets more effectively. All at just the click of a button!

This is a limited time offer for schools to benefit from the standard version of the Intrinsiq software for FREE. So don’t hesitate to contact Intrinsiq on in order to find out how you can get on board too!

Your solutions are just a click of a button away!