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Intrinsiq - Testimonial from Maxine Feutz from Sydney College of English

In today’s article we are not going to tell you about how awesome Intrinsiq is ourselves. Instead we are going to pass on the mic to Maxine Feutz from Sydney College of English.

This interview was done with Maxine just 6 weeks after they began using Intrinsiq and it focuses on the consultation and launch process, which we have already focused on in a previous article.

Check out the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byTQ1-zDZ5I

Special Offer

If, like Maxine, you too wish to tackle issues related to accommodation, classroom allocation, agent tracking, bookings etc., then now’s the perfect time to do so!  Any school, whether you have a classroom management system already in place, or whether you are still using simple classroom management techniques, can qualify to try out the standard version of the Intrinsiq software for FREE for up to 9 months! Yes, that’s right, for free for up to 9 months! Do you wish to find out whether you too can benefit from this special offer? Get in touch!

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This is a limited time offer, so don’t hesitate to contact Intrinsiq on idsupport@intrinsiq.net in order to find out how you can get on board too!

Why should Education Providers use Intrinsiq?

Over the past weeks we have been looking at various aspects that make the Intrinsiq platform  stand out as a management tool in education management.

We review a few key points below that we think makes Intrinsiq the best choice

  • Is cloud-based and constantly backed up by multiple servers - so you will never go through the nightmare of losing your data!

  • Can integrate with most popular CRM applications that a school may use, which makes it super easy to migrate data from one CRM to the IQ platform.

  • Is a fully-customisable platform, and can cater for all the needs and requests that education providers may have

  • Manages all aspects of the school’s day-to-day running - Academics, Accounts, Accommodation, Bookings and Reporting among other areas

  • Has NO per-student or per-user cost - our fees are transparent and you will know exactly what costs what and why before you commit

  • Can help you track student holidays

  • Can help you remove the need for a paper trail in attendance management

  • Is excellent for big data interpretation - in fact, Intrinsiq can help schools track agent performance and find out about emerging trends much earlier than if they had been collecting this information manually

  • Is an excellent tool for forecasting, which is vital for Sales, Marketing and Academic Departments within schools

But most importantly, Intrinsiq is an investment that schools make in order to ensure that they are cutting the costs in areas which can be taken over by software and computers, hence freeing up their members of staff to focus more on student satisfaction.